About Nick

About Nick

Nick Varchavsky

Entrepreneur, Game Developer, Gamer

About Nick

Hello, world! I’m Nick.

I’m a passionate entrepreneur and have engaged throughout the years in several endeavors. I’ve co-founded and work as a Production Manager at Interatica, a company that, from its inception has focused on creating high-end multimedia games and apps for the exhibit world. And more recently, I’ve co-founded Indelve Studios, a small indie game developer studio.

I have a Marketing Major and I’ve programmed and developed games most of my life -and I’ve spent quite a few hours playing them as well 😉

I’m a dad of two girls, happily married to a beautiful wife, and enjoy occasionally playing the piano or the guitar (LOVE music).

You can follow me at my Twitter account @NickVarcha for news about what I’m doing, game development, and the ocasional news.


20 Years Experience

+100 Completed Projects

I love what I do


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