Initiative: Red Dawn

May 24, 2016

Spell Run – Single scene or multiple scenes?

This is the second decision I make: should I use a single scene with everything, or multiple scenes and using one for the menu, one for the game, etc.? For Spell Run, I’ve used a single scene. But I’ve used both methods. So, what makes my choice? I’ll be honest. I’ve been using Unity since version 2, and it was much, much different than now. Also, since most of what I do at Interatica is casual games and apps for exhibits and marketing campaigns, and I use to work with Adobe (former Macromedia) Director, I was used to a lot of cool stuff like screen transitions. In Unity, there is no “easy” way to make a transition (think something like a cross-dissolve) from one scene to the next. In Director, that was as easy as dragging and dropping an icon (similar to what you would to nowadays in Powerpoint or Keynote). With that -bad?- habit in mind, my first parameter to use a single or multiple scenes is if I want -or need- to have nice transitions between scenes (or screens for the end user). For me, the key difference of using multiple scenes vs a single one is that when using multiple scenes, every time you load a scene, the previous one gets removed (garbage collector, memory is freed, etc.) and the new one is opened in its initial way, no values left-overs, etc. Then, why do I choose to use a single scene on Spell Run? On one side, I hate loading screens. So, if memory allows, I rather have a single screen and give the end-user a much more fluid experience than loading scenes. But, it does not make things any easier. And now, with the next game we’re developing (a space themed, simple 4X mobile game), I’m using multiple scenes. So, as you can see, we use both approaches based on the type of game. Now that I’ve decided that I’ll be programming in C# and using a single scene, let me share a few final words before we jump into the first real Unity stuff! Let’s talk a bit about the code evolution. Don’t forget to follow us on twitter for news regarding articles and game development [twitter-follow screen_name=’indelvestudios’]

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