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May 21, 2016

Spell Run – The Idea

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Only a few tiles actually exist, the rest is up to you

When we decided to create an iOS game to make an article about, we tried to come up with a simple game, but with some sort of a twist from all others. The idea of every game mutates, sometime a lot, from its original concept. It is up to you to decide if you want to stick to the original or let it flow as its being developed. We decided to let it flow. In Spell Run you represent a wizard (or a group of wizards if you invite friends or hire allies!) in an old ancient challenge wizards all around the world played for centuries: The Spell Run. Originally the game didn’t have wizards, it was thought as just a ball rolling through the maze, but at one point we thought it would be nice to have the fear of being run-over by a giant lava ball. Spell Run is a maze runner type of game, with the twist that you actually create your own maze as you play. This means the floor does not exist (except for a few tiles with pickups), and you create it by casting spells. Originally the game did not have any tiles at all, but we changed it because it looked like everything was floating around in the vacuum and made it hard for players to know where to go for pickups. You have to survive and reach the exit gate (there’s only one per level but hey, that can change!) by casting magic spells to generate floor tiles so you don’t fall, and without being squashed by a giant lava ball following your steps. Each tile you create or destroy consumes Mana, so you need to have enough. You can get Mana in two ways: grabbing Mana pickups scattered around the level, and sacrificing allies (if you have them). Also, you are constantly draining Stamina, which you need to actually run! And you get Stamina the same way you get Mana: from pickups or sacrifices. The game was built using Unity game engine and deployed on the iOS App store, some minor Photoshop and some very minor and simple Maya modeling. A lot of the visual assets are free assets we found, and some we’ve bought from Unity’s Asset Store. Chances are, if you are reading this, you are a developer and not a designer. Sure, you can do some Photoshop, but it’s not the same as being an artist. With that in mind, if you are a one-man team or an indie group with no designers, we’ll share a few resources on where to get nice elements for your game you can freely use, or even a few resources for you to buy for a few bucks. In Spell Run, as you get more allies, you’ll actually see them in the runway. Every five allies you get, they will merge into a bigger, more powerful (more outcome from sacrifices and pickups) ally. You can get allies in two ways: inviting friends through Facebook, so we’ll talk about Facebook integration, and purchasing then, so we’ll also talk about iOS in-app purchases. So, let’s start making decisions! Don’t forget to follow us on twitter for news regarding articles and game development [twitter-follow screen_name=’indelvestudios’]

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