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We are an indie gaming studio. Passionate about games.

Become a space tycoon in our NFT-based space exploration and trading game.

OurĀ History

We are an indie studio. Founded by game passionates. We’ve started Initiative in the past, but couldn’t go through with it.

Initiative: Red Dawn

And RTS multiplayer game where you build and grow your own aerospace company.

UPDATE: After the failed Kickstarter campaign and with the CODIV-19 pandemic, we were forced to cancel this project indefinitely. We apologize for the high hopes everyone had. We loved the project as much as you.

We appreciate all the help we got from fans and the media.

Here are some links if you want to check what we did before it got cancelled:


Meet the core team behind Indelve.

Sebastian Bourre
Co-Founder & CEO
Nicolas Varchavsky
Co-Founder & CTO
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